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Roller Fairlead MK1 Silver Racing Junior with front Becket

11,53 €



Our engineering team have worked on this new project and decided to customise the CL236 by adding a becket.

The basic roller fairlead allows ropes to enter the cleat from above. The advantanges of the becket are:
- The becket holds the end of the rope under the cleat to allow rigging with a 2:1 advantage. It is easier to pull heavy load.
- The becket also holds shockcord and bungee under the cleat.

Available in two finishes: 
- CL236/S1 with becket has a silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating.

- CL236AN/S1 with becket has a hard anodised finish to give a harder wearing surface. 

Accessories for CL236/S1

- The CL814 Keeper is added to prevent the rope getting caught in the teeth of the cleat. Keepers keep a rope in the cleat, or keep it out of the cleat.
- The Cage CL816 is an accessory that allows ropes to be cleated and uncleated at an angle of up to 70 degrees, rather than only in line with the cleat
- The Clamcleat® CL818 Tapered Pad aids correct rope/cleating alignment. It can allow tensioning without rubbing the rope over the cleat teeth.

Technical Data

Technical DetailsMetricImperial
Rope Diameter 3 - 5mm 1/8 - 3/16"
Material Aluminium & Nylon Aluminium & Nylon
Hole Centres 66mm 2 5/8"
Length 82mm 3 1/4"
Width 18mm 11/16"
Height 25mm 1"
Bolt Size M5 #10-24. 3/16"
Screw Size 4.8 No 10
Weight 39gms 1.4oz
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